TRBOT Token Sale

Please follow all the instructions below to participate in the PreSale and get your TRBOT instantly from our contract address. All unsold tokens will be burn!

100% Bonus Ends in 3 Days!

PreSale Instructions

Step 1. Set Gas Price(Gwei): 6

Step 2. Set Gas Limit: 152,000

Step 3. Minimum you can buy: 0.05 BNB

Step 4. Maximum each wallet can buy: 25 BNB

Click the below button to copy our contract address and send BNB to the contract address copied below.

When my token arrive? Instantly (Within 1 minute)

NOTE: Ensure you send only from your BEP-20 wallet address (eg. Metamask wallet, Trust wallet, Wallet connect) Please don't send from an exchanges to avoid loss of your token.

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